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Points Of Interest  

Roman archeology Points Of Interest (POI)

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The Points of Interest (POI) uploaded to your GPS device allow you to easily reach all of the sites listed or to be alerted with sound or visual alarms in case you are passing close to each place. 

The current list includes also some points internal to walkable-only archeological sites.
In some cases it is possible to use the GPS device1 also as walking guide through complex remain areas such as the Pompeii town's ruins.

The language used as description for each place is a mix of english and latin, but very often it has been used the local language in order to allow the user to recognize and understand better the local directions.

From this page is possible to download the POI update for Navman devices and the following Garmin devices only:

- I2, I3
- C310, 320, 330, 340
- Nuvi (all types)
- Quest 2
- SP 2720
- iQU
- M4

Instructions for Garmin devices

1) To download the POI files right click on the link at the bottom of this page and save the .zip file on your local directory.
2) Open the .zip file and copy all the files in a directory on you disk.
3) Connect your Garmin device to the USB port and make sure it is switched on.
4) Launch the POI Loader program and when it asks to enter the directory where to find the extracted files browse to get the proper directory and then press "next" and finish the installation.

The POI Loader software can be downloaded from the Garmin web site at
this link.

Instructions for Navman devices

Release Notes

Other Notes

- This is a free service offered by the Roman Hideout. The content is copyrighted. The copy and/or publication of these data is allowed for any non-commercial purposes by adding clear and visible credits to The Roman Hideout web portal. Please do not copy the file on other web sites to be downloaded, just link this page.
- Commercial usage of this service requires permission by The Roman Hideout.
- Roman Hideout double check each entry, but current GPS system cannot guarantee 100% accuracy because of its civilian use limit of 10+10 meters of tolerance.
- If you find this service useful and you like it please donate with paypal by pressing the button with the paypal logo.
- The current version support only the listed Garmin devices because thery are the only devices that allows also pedestrian path and not only vehicles paths. We plan in the future to offer also Tomtom POI files.

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If you need to add a POI request your favourite roman places by writing us. Roman Hideout's staff will check if it will possible to include the coordinates in the next releases.


Direct download the current version (beta)


Public Geo Data Web Site


1 - Function available on some devices only.


All rights reserved.
In cooperation with Mirco Cortesi
All the trademarks are property of Garmin Ltd.

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