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Private Letter, Early IInd cent. A.D.

Traduzione in italiano Traduzione in italiano

Title: Private Letter, Early IInd cent. A.D.
Summary: Letter from Claudius Terentianus to his father(?) Claudius Tiberianus, concerning the things he has received from him, describing what he has sent to him and speaking about an illness which he suffered and about his hope of being transferred from the Alexandrian fleet to a cohort
Full-Text (DDBDP): link to Perseus Project, P.Mich.:8:468
References P.Michigan.inventory Code 5390; Michigan APIS record 2444
Publications: Winter JG-Youtie HC, PMich VIII 468, 1951, Pl. I -- BL VII, 111 (bibliography); BL VIII, 215 (bibliography); BL IX, 161 (bibliography)
Cavenaile R, CPL 251, 1957
Rep Editor - Pighi G. B.; Rep Ser. - Lettere latine d'un soldato di Traiano; 1964; Rep_Pg_No 5; Rep Editor - Pestman PW; Rep Ser. - New Papyrological Primer; 1990; Rep_Pg_No 38 (l. 1-26); Rep Editor - Cugusi P.; Rep Ser. - C.Epist.Lat.; 1992; Rep_Pg_No 142, with pl. XI; Rep Editor - Dorandi T; Rep Ser. - Ch.L.A. XLII; 1994; Rep_Pg_No 1217 (photo: p. 35-37). -- BL X, 124 (bibliography)
Publications About: E. Grassi, PP 11 (1956) p. 206-207; N. Lewis, BASP 5 (1968) p. 87; R.W. Davies, BASP 10 (1973) p. 21-25; J.N. Adams, The Vulgar Latin of the Letters of Claudius Terentianus (P. Mich. VIII, 467-72) (Manchester, 1977); M. Reddé, Mare nostrum. Les infrastructures, le dispositif et l'histoire de la marine militaire sous l'empire romain (Rome, 1986) p. 685-687; Chr. Lehmann, Cuadernos de filologia classica 21 (1988) p. 11-23; G. Calboli, Latin vulgaire - latin tardif II. Actes du IIe Colloque international sur le latin vulgaire et tardif (Tuebingen, 1990) p. 23-44.
Original Language: Latin
Physical Description: 1 papyrus; 26.5 X 21.8 cm
General Notes: Source of description: Recto and Verso
Pub. status: Recto and Verso
Library: Cairo
Lines: Recto, col. I - 30 Recto, col. II - 35 Verso - 4
Subject(s): Army (fleet; equipment); Clothing; Family; Health; Personal status: Roman citizen (veteran); Profession; Recommendation; School; Scribe; Ship; Theft; Utensils; Writing Material
Resource Type(s): Documentary
Associated Name(s): Claudius Terentianus
Notes on Custodial History: Karanis, Herakleidou meris, Arsinoite nome, province of Egypt
Translation: Claudius Terentianus to Claudius Tiberianus, his father and lord, very many greetings. Before all else, I pray for your health, which is my special wish. Know, father, that I have received the things that you sent me by . . . the veteran and by Numesianus, the . . . and the short cloak (palliolum), and I thank you because you considered me worthy and have made me free from care. I have sent you, father, by Martialis a bag well sewn, in which you have two mantles (amicla), two capes (amictoria), two linen towels, two sacks and(?) a linen covering. I had bought the last together with a mattress and a pillow, and while I was lying ill on the ship (liburna) they were stolen from me. You have also in the bag a cape of single thickness; my mother sent this to you. Receive also a chicken coop, in which you have sets of glassware, two bowls of quinarius size, a dozen goblets, two papyrus rolls for school use, ink (for use) on the papyrus, five(?) pens, and twenty Alexandrian loaves. I beg you, father, to be content with that. If only I had not been ill, I was hoping to send you more, and again I hope so if I live. I beg you, father, if it meets with your approval, to send me from there low leathern boots (caligae) and a pair of felt socks (udones). Boots with buttons(?) are worthless; I provide myself with footgear twice a month. And I beg you to send me a pickaxe. The adjutant took from me the one that you sent me, but I am grateful to him for furnishing me . . . . Moreover, I ask and beg you, father, to reply to me immediately about your health, that you have recovered your good health(?). I am worried about trouble at home(?) if you do not write back. And if god should be willing, I hope to live frugally and to be transferred to a cohort; but here nothing will be accomplished without money, and letters of recommendation have no value unless a man helps himself. I beg you, father, to send me a reply promptly. Know that Carpus came here in his wanderings and Dius was found(?) in the legion and I accepted 6 denarii on his behalf. My mother and my father and brothers salute you; and know that everything goes very well at home. Salute Aphrodisia and Isityche. Salute Arrius the centurion together with his family, Saturninus the clerk together with his family, Capito the centurion together with his family, Cassius the adjutant together with his family, Tyrannius the adjutant together with his family, Sallustius together with his family, Terentius the pilot, Fronto together with his family, Sempronius Italicus, Publicius, Severinus, your colleague Marcellus, and Lucius. Salute Serenus the clerk together with his family. Salute all our comrades. Farewell. (In the right margine) I pray that you enjoy good health for many years with the greatest happiness forever. Farewell. (Verso) (2nd hand) [Claudius] Terentianus to Claudius Tiberianus. . . . Terentianus (3rd hand) Deliver to Claudius Tiberianus, my father, from Claudius Terentianus, his son.

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