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New Carlisle Roman findings on a book
October 29th, 2004

Roman artefacts unearthed in a dig in front of Carlisle Castle are unlikely to go on display in the city before 2009.
But a book detailing finds made during the three-year excavation has gone on sale at the Tullie House Museum.
That is where a permanent exhibition of clothes, coins and other items discovered will eventually be housed.
City council leader Mike Mitchelson said last night that would not happen before a detailed academic report on the excavation findings was published in 2007..
The news comes after nationally-acclaimed experts in Roman history gathered in Carlisle a fortnight ago to hear about the Castle dig findings.

Mr Mitchelson said: “Carlisle has always had an important Roman and medieval history and the recent conference was a great success.
“It gave a clearer impression of what life must have been like for those living in a northern frontier town. 
“But the conference was just the start of sharing the results of the millennium excavation with a wider audience including residents and visitors.
“There are now long-term plans to develop an exhibition at Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery,” he added.
Realistically, it is believed that is unlikely to happen before 2009.

But Mr Mitchelson pointed out that the illustrated booklet summarising the results of the excavation Carlisle Millennium Project – excavations in Carlisle 1998-2001 is on sale at Tullie House for £6.50.
The three-year excavation, completed in 2001, was jointly carried out by Carlisle Archaeology Ltd and the University of Bradford and funded by Carlisle City Council.
It produced more than 100,000 individual finds from a site located within the Roman fort of ‘Luguvalium’, sited today on Castle Green in front of the castle.
Several areas within the fort’s interior were exposed, revealing the remains of a large number of well-preserved military buildings, streets and other features.
Hundreds of Roman coins and thousands of pieces of metalwork, including unique Roman armour of international importance were recovered.
Rachel Newman is director of Oxford Archaeology North which is providing in-depth analysis of the finds.
She confirmed: “The post-excavation analysis of all the material and information is on-going but we will be producing a very detailed academic report in 2007.”

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