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Regensburg Legionaries arrive in Italy
September 10th, 2004

Trento (Tridentum) has adopted the 12 roman-german legionaries that arrived, after a 600 Km march from Regensburg University. The city authorities, but also the population, will receive them and give them anything they need to rest.
«They will be our guests, we will invite them at Thun Palace» - says the mayor of the city Pacher - «We want to dinner with them».
«The tent? They can place it on my terrain» says a private citizen from Villazzano.

The brave students from Regensburg University decided to stop their 600 Km march in Trento, and not to continue to Rome. «We will re-attempt in the future probably, now it's time to go back home».

The twelve legionaries, started from Regensburg more than 20 days ago, are attempting to an experiment una promoted by their local University, will arrive in Trento tomorrow about at 11:00 from Lavis were they rested this night.
In the capital of trenitno they will receive the welcome from the City Major Alberto Pacher. «We are waiting from them here in the City headquarters - says Pacher. The legionaries will be our guests. Their initiative honors our city and the Via Claudia Augusta. As italians, we are honoured to hosts these german students that do homage to the romanity. And as trentini, a land that is a bridge between italian and german culture, we are happy to host people that is working on our common history».

The twelve students from Regensburg: 600 km by foot

Will you leave for Rome? «No, we will go back to Germany, we are exhausted». One of their techers will arrive to pick up them with a coach.
How was the travel? «Each stop, we received incredible welcome with huge feasts. Sometimes people was so pressing that we renounced to some hours of sleep, even if so tired. People was asking for us, they always make many questions».
Was everything ok during the march? «Usual troubles, fleet blisters and legs pains. But we are not become thin, because of all what people has offered us».
Always with caligae? «Many of us yes. But not all. Some renounced due to the pains and are walking with modern footwear». During the march they lost one of the sponsors standards in the Isar waters due to a sudden and powerful gale. «We saved it by swimming».
A great success of the experiment of the Regensburg University, the same that some weeks ago made a working roman ship.

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