Ephesus roman city pictures
Ephesus (Turkey)

Title: Prytaneion
Description: Behind the basilica is the Prytaneion, where religious ceremonies, official receptions and banquets were held. The sacred flame symbolizing the heart of Ephesus was kept constantly alight in the Prytaneion.
The construction of the building dates to the 3rd century BC, during the reign of Lysimachos, but the ruins of the complex dates to the Augustan age.
The four-cornered pit in which the sacred fire is burned is a relic from the reign of Lysimachos. On the front of the building are four columns, beyond the columns is a courtyard surrounded by a small portico, and on the north is the ceremonial hall with the eternal flame in the center where the red color on the floor indicated the location.
The base of an altar is still recognizable today.
During excavations, were found 2 Artemis statues, which are now in Ephesus Museum.
Date: june 24, 2006
GPS coords: 37.93658232559397,27.34471321105957
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