Ephesus roman city pictures
Ephesus (Turkey)

Title: The Gate of Mazeus and Mythridates
Description: The gate with three passage ways at the right of the Celsus Library was built in 40 AD by the slaves Mazeus and Mythridates for their emperor, Augustus, who gave them their freedom.
The passages are vaulted, the front side of the vault facing the Celsus Library is made of black marble, while the other side is white. A Latin inscription with inlaid letters made of bronze is still visible on one side of the structure. The small area in front of the gate was used as an auditorium. The steps around the gate, in front of the library and the round pedestal were used as seats. In Byzantine Period, the walls in the small area were built when the city walls were reduced in length.

GPS coords: 37.9391081128092,27.34071671962738
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