Ephesus roman city pictures
Ephesus (Turkey)

Title: Curetes Street
Description: It is the small portion of the sacred way, running between the Celsus Library and the Hercules Gate. It took its name from the class of priests referred to as "curettes" in long lists found at the clerical school of priests.
Colonnaded galleries with mosaics on the floor were located on both sides of the street with a roof to protect the pedestrians from sun or rain.
There were also fountains, monuments, statues and shops on the sides of the street. The shops on the south side were two-storied.
Many structures in the Curetes Street were damaged by earthquakes. After the earthquake in the 4th century, the columns were replaced by the other ones brought from different buildings in the city.
The differences between the design of the columns can be seen today. The street has its appearance from the 4th century.
GPS coords: 37.93791926900276,27.342374324798584
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