Ephesus roman city pictures
Ephesus (Turkey)

Title: Temple of Domitian
Description: The first building in Ephesus known to be dedicated to an emperor. It was built on a high and wide terrace set by 50x100 meters in size, on vaulted foundations.
The northern size of the terrace seems to be two-stories high, reached by stairs. The stairs are still visible today.
The temple, built in pro-style plan, had eight columns on the short side and thirteen columns on the long side, and four additional columns in front of the cella. At the northern side there was an u-shaped altar, which is now displayed in Izmir museum.
When the unpopular emperor was killed by his servant, ephesians erased his name from many inscriptions and re-dedicated the temple to Vespasian, Domitian's father.

GPS coords: 37.937183106969826,27.343152165412903
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