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Mark Antony and Cleopatra tomb probably found
August 20th, 2006
Luca Bonacina

Cairo - In about two months the famed archeologist Zahi Hawass believe to be able to bring to the light a tresury of his lifetime: the tomb of one of the history's greatest women, Cleopatra.
The news has been communicated during a press conference in South Africa where Hawass said: "This discovery could be much more important than the Tutankhamon one." After this public declaration Hawass explained to the south african newspaper "The Star" that he believes Cleopatra is buried with his roman lover Mark Antony and that the two bodies are in a temple 30 chilometers far from Alexandria, called Tabusiris Magna.
"I believe that this site is a very sacred place and this is why I believe it hides the bodies of the two history VIPs from Octavian." continued Hawass.

The tomb's access is extremely complicated. Hawass in fact, already reached 35 meters under the ground, but he was stopped because of the presence of a large quantity of water. "Right now the ground leyer is full of water that avoid to continue the excavations. I will be back in october when the water should be disappeared." said Hawass.
The clue that brought the archeologist to think that this temple hides Cleopatra's body is the discovery of a large quantity of coins with the Cleopatra's head.
Cleopatra born in 69 BC in Alexandria. She was really a fascinating and magnetic woman even if not really beautyful, but overall intelligent and unmerciful. Such woman was able to rule over the Egypt when she was 18 years old and his father died leaving her the "Palace" together with his 10 years old brother.

Zahi Hawass

A coin with Cleopatra (left) and Mark Antony (right)

Pompeus from Rome was nominated tutor of his brother so she left to Syria to build his army. In the meanwhile in Egypt Pompeus has been killed and Cleopatra went back and took the power.
She was knowing many languages and she was able to speak with 7 nations without translator's help. Julius Caesar was fascinated by the woman and fall in love with her and gave birth a child, so Cleopatra decided to transfer to Rome where she received a chilly reception. Her presence is believed to be one of the causes of the Julius Caesar's murder.
Mark Antony, Caesar's lieutenant, proclamated his son as Caesar's heir in front of the Roman Senate, but Octavian contested the proclamation and states to be the successor. Cleopatra decided to go back to Egypt and Mark Antony reached her. In these months he lost the Antium battle agaist Octavian and Octavian proclamated himself "principe" becoming the very first emperor in Rome's history, with the name of Augustus.
After the battle lost Mark Antony killed himself with his gladius and Cleopatra when feels Octavian's army close to her she committed the famous presumed suicide with a viper.
If Hawass will be right we will be able to give new light to this story of love, war and power.

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